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Nayo Wallace


mardi 19 novembre 2019, par KAF

"Nayo (pronounced Nī-yō) is a Detroit native who lives in Los Angeles and splits her talents between screen, stage and voice over. She’s been directed by some of the best in the business : from Academy Award winning director Tom Hooper to the incomparable Wachowskis. Some of her favorite gigs to date would have to be ""Care Bears"" Welcome to Care-A-Lot where she provides the speaking and singing voice for Harmony Bear, ""The Lion King"" on Broadway where she played Sarabi, and ""Speed Racer"" where she played Minx and worked with the incredible Lana and Lily Wachowski. Nayo just finished guest starring on the second season of the hit show The Rookie and is currently working on the animated series Enchantimals. For more info check out her website at

Nayo believes deeply that artists can and will change the world. She is grateful to her forbears and all of the other incredibly courageous artists who came before her and left their exquisite mark on the planet. She is honored to be a part of such an important profession and passionately strives to do the same.

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