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Venue : Serena Hotel
KIGALI AUDIOVISUAL FORUM 2019. 27th -28th Nov 2019
Theme : Tapping into the potential of Africa’s Creative Industries

samedi 5 août 2017, par Abdahla

The Kigali Audio-visual Forum is a platform for professionals to come together and discuss challenges and opportunities for the development of the Audio-visual industry on the continent. The four pillars of KAF are : Content, Intellectual Property, Financing and Sales and Distribution. The Rwanda Film Office has identified those 4 subjects as catalysts to the growth of the Industry in Rwanda and on the Continent.

This forum is a home grown solution that aims to be a step above identification and discussion of issues, where outcomes will be tangible, measurable, and align with concrete short, medium and long term objectives that will ensure the sustainable expansion of the audio-visual sector in Rwanda.

Attendees’ profile

  • Industry : writers, directors, producers, festival organizers, distributors, exhibitors, press, actors and more
  • Intergovernmental and governmental institutions : policy makers, ministries, government implementing agencies, film funding bodies, international regulators, embassies, international cooperation agencies
  • NGO : Capacity building, funding, relationship building, mentoring
  1. Intellectual Property : Copyright Regulation as a tool for fair remuneration, public funding and economic transformation.
    Format : Sessions will include interactive keynote presentations and panel discussions
    Required speakers : IPRs experts, film producers, writers, broadcasters, PayTV owners, policy makers, Collective Management Organizations (CMO)
    Duration : one-day session
  2. Financing : Access to Finance Lack of funding being a major hindrance for the economic development of the African Audio-visual sector, discussions will open up the dialogue on the importance of public funding and on the mechanisms for establishing a sustainable financing system.
  3. Content : Co-production and match making (Parallel session) where successful project owners from the continent meet financiers, co-producers and buyers to initiate and facilitate co-financing, cross-border content production and coproduction of projects.
  4. Sales and Distribution Innovative technologies and techniques for monetizing films and television programs. Content promotion and marketing assets developments as tools for breaking through a crowded marketplace.

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